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Cycling is an increasingly popular activity throughout southern Illinois. Hundreds of miles of bike trails weave through the state's prairies and bluffs. Road cycling is also a widely enjoyed means of exercise, recreation and transportation. Its prevalence has led to broader infrastructure and greater awareness of bicyclists on the road.

John Kujawski is an avid cyclist and regularly rides over 150 miles a week. He has a personal perspective in representing victims involved in cycling accidents. When bicycle accidents occur, you can turn to Kujawski & Associates LLC. Our attorneys handle bicycle accident and injury cases on behalf of victims and their families.

Advancing the rights of injury victims through effective advocacy has been the mission of our practice for more than three decades. Our proven track record of multimillion-dollar verdicts and settlements brings to light our dedication and determination in seeking justice.

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Whenever bicycles share the road with cars, trucks and other vehicles, the risk of an accident increases significantly. Many drivers simply don't pay attention to cyclists on the road. They may fail to yield or check their blind spots. Collisions often happen when motorists make left turns without checking for bicyclists in their path. Devastating accidents can also occur on dedicated bike paths and mountain bike trails.

Because of the massive size and weight difference between bicycles and cars — and the cyclist's lack of physical protection — many bicycle accidents result in significant injuries. Head and brain injuries, as well as back and spinal cord injuries, are common life-altering results of a bicycle accident.

Our lawyers understand the full implications of these catastrophic injuries. We can apply this knowledge to help you obtain maximum compensation. Our firm also handles wrongful death cases involving fatal bicycle accidents.

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