What Factors Cause Motorcycle Accidents?

Many motorcyclists observe the rules of the road and practice accident-avoidance techniques. Unfortunately, a serious or deadly crash can happen to even the safest of bikers.

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Common Causes And Types Of Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents often boil down to other drivers failing to look for — or notice — motorcyclists. Specifically, crashes can result from:

  • Distracted driving: All too often, other drivers on the road are talking on cellphones, texting while driving or engaging in other dangerous distractions, putting motorcycles at risk.
  • Drunk driving: When drivers are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, their ability to safely share the road with motorcyclists becomes greatly diminished. Drunk or drugged driving on the part of motorists is a far-too-common cause of many motorcycle accidents.
  • Motorcycle defects: Dangerous design, inadequate safety mechanisms or defects in your motorcycle can sometimes be a contributing factor — or root cause — of accidents. Our lawyers handle product liability cases involving defective bike parts.

Common Types Of Motorcycle Accidents

There are a number of different types of motorcycle accidents. Four of the most common are:

  • Left-hand turn collisions: Numerous motorcycle accidents happen when a motorist slams into a motorcycle while attempting a left-hand turn at an intersection. Drivers often fail to look for motorcycles before turning.
  • Blind spot collisions: When changing lanes, other drivers sometimes fail to adequately check their blind spots. Unfortunately, this can lead to tragic side-swipe accidents with motorcyclists.
  • Head-on collisions: When drivers cross the centerline and collide head-on with a motorcycle, the results are often horrific. Numerous motorcyclist fatalities result from head-on collisions with cars or trucks.
  • Rear-end collisions: Cars often don't leave enough space to stop when driving behind motorcyclists. At stoplights, intersections or in heavy traffic on freeways, rear-end collisions can be life-threatening for motorcyclists.

At Kujawski & Associates LLC, our attorneys and investigative staff will conduct a thorough investigation to uncover what contributed to the motorcycle crash and who was at fault. We also handle wrongful death cases involving motorcycle accidents.

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