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Arthur G. Rapp

Arthur G. Rapp

Field Representative

Art Rapp joined the firm in 2008. As a field representative, Art is available by telephone to assist injured workers. He started working for the Illinois Central Railroad in 1974 as a fireman in Palestine, Illinois. Two years later he was promoted to Engineer and transferred in 1979 to Champaign, Illinois.

Art served as Local Chairman of the UTUE Local 432 from 1982 to 1992. He joined the BLET Division 602 in 1992 and was elected their Local Chairman and Legislative Representative in 1993. He remained as Local Chairman until 2008 when he retired due to injuries he incurred in an automobile accident which ended his career. Art also was elected to the Executive Committee of the General Committee of Adjustment as Second Vice General Chairman.

Art’s grandfather and father also worked for the Illinois Central. As a third generation railroader, Art brings a wealth of knowledge and information to our clients and has been very helpful in assisting injured railroaders with their claims.