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Safety precautions may help riders prevent motorcycle accidents

On behalf of John Kujawski

As the weather warms, the number of motorcycles increases. Bikers should follow safety techniques to reduce the chances of being involved in an accident.

As the weather improves and summer approaches we see more motorcycles on the roadways. This naturally leads to more motorcycle accidents. Due to the difference in size and lack of protection a motorcycle rider has vs. a motor vehicle driver, even a seemingly minor accident can cause serious injuries to the motorcycle rider and passenger.

Many crashes take place because motor vehicle drivers do not see motorcycles. No matter how many public safety and awareness campaign’s take place, too many riders suffer catastrophic injuries and even death due to the carelessness of other drivers. Some common causes of motorcycle accidents include: left-hand turn collisions, head-on collisions, rear-end collisions and blind-spot collisions. Distracted and drunk driving also continue to be main causes for all types of crashes for motorcycles and motor vehicles alike.

Many of these types of accidents are entirely preventable, but tragically continue to occur as drivers fail to look for smaller vehicles, like motorcycles, while on the roads. However, there are some steps riders can take to drive defensively and try to prevent accidents. Some top accident-avoidance techniques include the following:

  • Take safety courses. It is absolutely necessary for all bikers to learn how to ride a motorcycle properly and safely. Not only can courses keep you fresh on safety techniques, but you can also learn more about what to do in an emergency situation. IDOT (Illinois Department of Transportation) offers a free motorcycle safety course called the Cycle Rider Safety Training Program.
  • Wear safety gear. It might seem like wearing too much gear dampens the thrill of the ride, but the importance of protecting yourself cannot be stressed enough. Wear a helmet, wear gloves, wear boots, wear the proper safety leathers. Protective clothing exists for a reason and may be the only protection against you and a nasty case of road rash or much worse.
  • Be visible. Know where the other vehicles are on the road and make eye contact with other drivers. Drive defensively as though other drivers can’t see you, avoid blind spots and keep proper spacing between your bike and other vehicles. It is important to remain on guard at all times.
  • Look where you want to go. Your body instinctively follows where you are looking, so pay attention to the lane in front of you, turn your head and look where you want to turn prior to turning.
  • Stay sober. Drinking while driving remains one of the leading causes of crashes. Even one or two drinks can dull the senses and riders must be ready to make split-second decisions. A delayed reaction time may make all the difference between a safe ride and a tragedy when on a motorcycle.

Even when a biker does all he or she can do to stay safe from other vehicles, accidents may occur. If you or a loved one has been involved in motorcycle collision, it is imperative to work with an attorney experienced in these types of accidents. At Kujawski & Associates LLC, our attorneys know how important it is to investigate any accident to determine who is at fault and to seek justice for the injured party. If you or a loved one were a victim of a motorcycle accident, contact our firm today and let us help you protect your legal interests and rights.

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