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A closer look three birth injuries caused by medical negligence

| Sep 14, 2014 | Medical Malpractice

Giving birth to a child is supposed to be an incredibly happy time in a woman’s life. But this happiness is often marred by a complication. And if that complication leads to a birth injury, both mother and child may never fully be able to get over this life-changing event.

Today, we wanted to highlight three birth injuries that can happen as a direct result of medical negligence. The hope is that by explaining what causes these conditions, we can give our readers the information they need to recognize a problem before it results in a serious or fatal injury.

Cerebral palsy – This is a condition that occurs because of an injury to an infant’s brain either during development or during birth. Because there are a number of things that can cause CP, the exact cause of it is unknown. Research has pointed to the timing of a delivery as a key indicator though of whether a child will be born with this debilitating birth injury.

Shoulder dystocia – This is a condition that results when an infant’s shoulders are unable to pass through its mother’s pelvic region because of the relative size of the infant’s shoulder’s to the pelvic bone. This can cause the child to become lodged during birth; and if a physician is unaware of this, or is careless during the delivery process, both child and mother could suffer injuries.

Hypoxia – This condition occurs when the body’s tissue are not receiving enough oxygen to perform basic functions. This can quickly lead to organ damage and even death if the condition is not diagnosed by a doctor and treated immediately. Because infants are still in the womb, it may be difficult for mothers, especially first-time mothers, to recognize signs of distress. It’s because of this that mothers rely on physician’s to make this diagnosis for them.

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