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When parents sense something is off with their child’s medical care

| Mar 10, 2016 | Medical Malpractice

Sometimes, when a parent is with their child as their child is receiving medical care at a hospital, they notice something about the care that they suspect might not be right. For example, they might feel that a mistake is being made or that something important was missed.

When a parent is getting this feeling, they might be tempted to dismiss it as them imagining things. After all, if something was off, the medical professionals providing the care would notice it, right? However, medical professional can miss things. Also, a recent study indicates that parents might be particularly good at noticing when something is off with their kid’s care, even when the medical professionals providing the care do not.

In the study, the parents of around 383 children who were hospitalized were surveyed about their kids’ hospital stay. After analyzing the parents’ survey responses and data regarding parents’ children, the study’s researchers concluded that around one-tenth of the parents spotted errors with their child’s care that were or might have been missed by doctors.

Why might parents be so proficient at spotting errors with their child’s medical care? It could be because of the great deal of familiarity they have with their child.

So, if a parent feels something might be off with the medical care their kid is receiving, they shouldn’t be afraid to ask their child’s doctors and nurses about their concerns. Doing so could, in some circumstances, help stop medical errors. Also, one hopes medical professionals take concerns a child’s parents raise to them seriously and are not dismissive when parents raise concerns.

Also, parents shouldn’t ignore it when they feel that a bad event that happened to their child at a hospital may have been caused by an error by a medical professional. When a parent has such suspicions, they should discuss their concerns with an experienced medical malpractice lawyer. Understanding whether medical negligence did in fact occur can be vital in such a situation, and such attorneys can investigate whether any harmful medical mistakes were made.

Source: Parent Herald, “Parents’ Instinct Can Help Improve Hospital Safety and Prevent Medical Mistakes, Study Says,” Maureen Bongat, March 3, 2016

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