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Bill seeks to expand Illinois’ Move Over law

| Apr 7, 2016 | Uncategorized

When out on major multi-lane roads, like multi-lane highways, it is very important for drivers to pay close attention to what is going on around them. On these roads, failures by drivers to notice special circumstances when they arise and to react properly to them after spotting them can result in particularly major accidents. Personal injury attorneys can provide victims of major highway accidents with legal guidance on compensation issues.

One special circumstance a driver might encounter on a highway or other major road is there being a stopped vehicle present on the road’s shoulder. It is crucial for drivers to exercise appropriate care when they encounter this situation. Careless conduct in such circumstances could lead to a driver’s vehicle hitting the stopped vehicle or hitting someone that is standing near the stopped vehicle.

Currently, there is a law here in Illinois dealing with how drivers are to act when they encounter one particular type of stopped vehicle out on a multi-lane road: emergency vehicles.

Specifically, under state law, when a driver encounters an emergency vehicle on the shoulder of the side of the road they are driving on, they are to make a lane change to give the stopped vehicle space, if possible, or slow down. This law is known as the Move Over law.

A new bill seeks to extend this law to not just cover situations involving stopped emergency vehicles, but situations in which any type of vehicle is stopped on the shoulder of a road that has multiple same-direction lanes.

Do you think the state’s Mover Over law should be extended to cover all types of stopped vehicles? If this bill were passed, do you think it would help with making the state’s highways safer?

Source: Land Line Magazine, “Illinois bills covering snow and ice removal, truck fees, truck stop gambling,” Keith Goble, April 4, 2016

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