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Many kids have cellphones pretty early in life

| Jun 17, 2016 | Uncategorized

The cellphone habits a person acquires can have many impacts on them. For instance, such habits could influence their safety as a driver. This is because a person’s habits when it comes to their cellphone could impact how prone they could be to trying to use their phone when they are driving.

A person’s cellphone habits can solidify long before they are even able to drive. This is particularly the case into today’s world where getting one’s first cellphone is something that can happen rather early in a child’s life. A recent survey indicates that around 10 years old is a fairly typical age for kids to have their first phone these days.

So, a kid can end up having a phone for years before they have their first opportunity to get behind the wheel. Among the things that could impact what cellphone practices kids develop over these years are the rules and limits their parents put on them in connection to cellphones and other electronic devices.

So, when it comes to putting their kids on the right path when it comes to safe driving (like distracted driving avoidance), it can not only matter what rules/limits a parent puts on their kids once they are able to drive, but also what sorts of household rules (such as rules/limits on cellphone use) a parent gives for their kids in the years before they are able to drive.

What bad cellphone habits do you think kids are most vulnerable to developing in their first few years of having a phone? What parental strategies do you think are most effective for helping kids develop good and safe cellphone habits?

Source: CNBC, “Study: Kids are getting their first cell phone before they can drive,” Sarah Whitten, May 20, 2016

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