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Study: lots of variation in child asthma inpatient care in U.S.

| Jul 13, 2016 | Medical Malpractice

When a child has asthma, many different things regarding their care can have significant impacts for them and their family. This includes the type of care they receive when they go to a hospital for inpatient care in relation to their condition.

One might assume that the asthma care at children’s hospitals here in America would be fairly uniform. A recent study, however, indicates that U.S. pediatric hospitals vary quite a bit when it comes to their asthma care practices.

The study reviewed data regarding the hospital care of around 49,000 children with asthma. The children had received inpatient hospital care for their asthma between 2011 and 2014. The hospitals these children were hospitalized at were 37 children’s hospitals, all of which were nonprofit and located in the United States.

The researchers in the study grouped the children up based on their characteristics, and used these groupings to compare the asthma care practices at the different hospitals.

The study found there to be big differences in the care practices of the hospitals, with the hospitals differing majorly regarding the length of stay for asthma care, the cost of asthma care and the prevalence of ICU use in relation to asthma care.

One wonders what is contributing to this large degree of variation and what overall effects this variation is having on child asthma inpatient care in the United States.

What type of care a child receives at a hospital when hospitalized in related to asthma can have implications on many things. One is the costs a child’s family is facing in relation to the care. Another is whether the child’s condition is being properly addressed and how well the hospital is protecting the child’s safety. So, one hopes children’s hospitals and their staff make sure to exercise sound judgment when deciding what kinds of care practices to use when it comes to their child asthma patients.

When a parent believes that asthma care or other care their child received at a children’s hospital or other medical facility fell short of what it should have been and caused their child harm, they may want to meet with a medical malpractice attorney to discuss what happened with the care and ask about possible related legal issues.

Source: Medical Xpress, “US pediatric hospitals vary greatly in costs, practices for children with asthma,” July 12, 2016

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