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Illinois’ dog bite laws see new additions

| Sep 9, 2016 | Premises Liability

What happens after a dog bite occurs matters greatly.

For example, what actions the dog’s owner takes after such an incident can impact things like:

  • The odds of a similar incident happening in the future.
  • The health and safety of all those who are around the dog regularly.
  • How much is known about what health risks the bite might have exposed victims to.

So, Illinois law puts various responsibilities on the owners of dogs that have bitten people. Recently, additions were made to Illinois’ dog bite laws. They’ve put in some new requirements that dog owners are subject to following a dog bite incident. One of these is that an owner has to get their dog current with the rabies vaccination and microchipped (if the dog isn’t already) at their own expense. Another is that the owner must have a licensed veterinarian do an examination of the dog within 24 hours of the bite.

The additions have also made certain actions following a dog bite incident, such as concealing the dog’s whereabouts or not cooperating with animal services personnel, criminal offenses.

One hopes that Illinois dog owners, after a bite incident involving their dog, comply with the applicable state requirements and take all actions necessary to protect the health and safety of others.

The actions a dog bite victim takes after a dog bite incident can also be impactful. Specifically, such actions could have implications regarding their ability to get justly compensated. Given this, understanding one’s legal rights, options and situation can be critical following being bitten by a dog. So, dog bite victims may want to promptly consult with a skilled personal injury attorney.

Source: WREX, “New Additions To Illinois Animal Control Act,” Mark Mayhew, Aug. 10, 2016

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