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Drivers need to check their blind spots

| Oct 5, 2016 | Motorcycle Accidents

It is a lesson pretty much all drivers are taught when they are just getting started: “make sure to check your blind spots.” Unfortunately, there are plenty of drivers, inexperienced and experienced alike, that fail to follow this guidance when actually out on the roads.

When a driver doesn’t check their blind spots when taking certain action, like changing lanes, they could be endangering others. Such driver conduct can be especially harmful to motorcyclists. Motorcycles, given their small size, could easily be overlooked and obscured in a vehicle’s blind spot.  Failing to check blind spots could result in a vehicle driver not noticing a motorcyclist and causing a collision.

As we noted on this page of our website, drivers not checking their blind spots properly is one of the common causes of motorcycle crashes.

As blind spot collisions underscore, one split-second poor decision by a driver could have lasting implications for a motorcyclist. The fact that major motorcycle accidents can come out of quick driver decisions, in addition to highlighting how important it is for drivers to act safely at all times, can also present some difficulties in motorcycle accident cases. It can sometimes be challenging to determine how exactly a driver was acting at the time of a motorcycle accident and to prove that negligent actions by a driver did in fact occur.

Motorcyclists hurt by a driver’s conduct (such as a failure to check a blind spot) could face strong efforts by Defendants and their insurance companies, to try to put into doubt whether negligence actually occurred. Given this, an injured motorcyclist may not want to go into a fight for just compensation without a skilled motorcycle accident attorney at their side.

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