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Midwesterners more likely to text at the wheel?

| Dec 22, 2016 | Uncategorized

Encountering a texting driver out on the roads can be a potentially fateful experience for a person. In some instances, it could result in a person suffering injuries that leave their life forever changed.

So, when a texting driver causes a car crash, legal issues related to injury compensation can end up being critical ones for the accident’s victims. Given this, promptly discussing such issues with a skilled personal injury attorney can be important following being injured out on the roads by a driver who was texting.

Unfortunately, it appears that encountering a texting driver may be a particularly common experience here in the Midwest. A recent survey suggests that Midwesterners may be more likely to engage in texting behind the wheel than drivers from other regions of the United States.

Two-thousand American drivers were polled in the survey. They were asked whether they did various things behind the wheel, including texting.

When the survey results were broken down by region, no region saw a higher percentage of respondents from it report that they text and drive than the Midwest. Of the respondents from the Midwest, 17.1 percent admitted to this driving conduct. This is nearly one and a half percentage points higher than the region with the second-highest percent. The percentages for America’s other three regions were: 15.7 percent for the South, 14.6 percent for the Northeast and 13.7 percent for the West.

Do you think texting while driving is more common in the Midwest than in other parts of the country?

Source: Chicago Tribune, “Midwesterners worst for texting while driving, racing through yellow lights: survey,” Mary Wisniewski, Dec. 4, 2016

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