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Best ways for drivers to deal with black ice

| Jan 10, 2017 | Uncategorized

We’re not meteorologists, but we can say with reasonable certainty that foul weather will be coming our way soon. After all, it is January, and drivers throughout the St. Louis metro area will not have to deal with the icy conditions that traditionally have led to accidents. 

When that happens, drivers will have to be especially careful because of the threat of black ice. This is the name given to thin sheets of ice that can form on the road when moisture from snow or drizzling rain freezes and hardens.  It is particularly difficult for drivers to see, but it can be felt; unfortunately when it is too late to avoid it.

As dangerous as black ice can be, there are a number things drivers can do to avoid an accident.  This post will highlight a few. 

Avoid sharp turns – You may be used to rounding corners in a normal manner, but when icy conditions make roads slippery, turning a corner may turn into an adventure. Taking it slow on turns can help you avoid sliding into an accident.

Don’t slam on the brakes – Heavy braking could cause you to lose control and slide into something. While may be a reflex to hit the brakes, letting off the gas may slow you down enough while maintaining control of your vehicle.

Steer towards snow – If you are slipping and sliding on ice. Snow may give you the traction you need to maintain (or regain) control of your vehicle. If worse comes to worst, a snow bank is better than hitting an oncoming vehicle. 

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