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What NOT to do after a car accident

| Jun 28, 2017 | Car Accidents

With the Independence Day holiday coming next week, the roads around the St. Louis County region are expected to be busy. The American Automobile Association expects a record number of travelers on the road due to low unemployment and relatively low gas prices.

When traffic increases, the possibility of an accident increases as well. Indeed, it is possible to seek a legal remedy if you are injured in a crash or your car was damaged. But people make mistakes that can damage potential claims.

This post will delve into the common mistakes that drivers make after a crash that can hurt their cases. Call this the “what not to do” list. 

Leave the scene of the crash – Not only is this a crime, it does not endear yourself to a potential jury should the injured party seek civil damages against you. Instead, stay at the scene until the police arrive and inform you that you are free to leave.

Admit guilt – It is natural to want to apologize for the accident, but in a court of law, this may be construed as an admission of guilt, which can be difficult on your case.

Threaten the other driver – It is understandable that you may be angry about what happened, but it is unhelpful to threaten to harm the other driver. Again, this will not endear you to a jury. Of course there may be exceptions to this. A mother who has children in their vehicle may get a pass for yelling and screaming at an offending driver.

If you have additional questions about accident claims, an experienced personal injury attorney can help.

The preceding is not legal advice. 

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