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Halloween costume safety

| Oct 31, 2017 | Car Accidents

Our prior post leads up to the night that no child wants to forget: Halloween night. The anticipation of canvassing the neighborhood for candy is certainly exciting for kids, but parents have a duty to keep them safe.

Indeed, a great burden of Halloween safety falls on drivers who must be particularly careful about seeing pedestrians, especially if they are traveling down streets that are not well lit. However, parents can reduce the potential for an accident by ensuring that their children’s costumes are safe. This post will highlight a few things parents can do. 

Give kids a clear view – As much as kids want to wear a costume that includes a mask (particularly super heroes such as Batman or Iron Man), it is better to use face paint. A mask may not allow a child to see clearly or breathe easily.

Don’t trade flame resistant for fire proof costumes – While flame retardant fabrics can resist burning and extinguish quickly in the event the costume catches on fire, a flame resistant costume burns less easily and can be put out even quicker.

Don’t rely on flashlights alone – While flashlights are helpful, having a bright colored costume, Halloween bags with reflective tape or costumes that have LED lights can help keep kids visible during the evening.

We wish our readers a happy and safe Halloween, but we understand that people can be injured despite the best intentions. If you have question about your legal rights and options after being injured in a car-pedestrian accident, we invite you to contact us

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