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How to stay safe as a pedestrian on the road

| Aug 13, 2018 | Uncategorized

It is rare to think that a car will not stop for you, as a pedestrian walking down the sidewalk. Unfortunately, this does happen.

Almost 6,000 pedestrians were killed due to traffic fatalities in 2017, an 25-year high. There is not much you can do about drivers’ actions while on the road, but you can take care of yourself. Following these recommendations may help you stay safer as a pedestrian.

Put your phone down

In 2018, everyone is connected to their phones most of the time. However, this can be dangerous when you are walking down the street. It may be wise to keep your phone at your side or in your pocket so that you can be watchful of your surroundings. Similarly, keeping your ears free of headphones will help you be able to better hear hazards that may be coming your way.

Know, and follow, the rules

When you know the rules for both pedestrians and drivers, you can make sure that you are protecting yourself as much as you can. While crossing, use the crosswalks and wait for the WALK signal. Make sure to keep your eyes out for drivers who may not see you in the crosswalk. Make eye contact with drivers when you can, as this can help you make sure they say you.

Use the sidewalk whenever there is one. It is unwise to walk in the street, as distracted drivers may not see you, especially if they are expecting you to be on the sidewalk.

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