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Injured by a dangerous product? 5 things to do right away

We put a lot of trust in the companies that design, manufacture and market the products we use every day. We trust that these products were made carefully and with safe materials.

But sometimes, the products we trust end up doing us harm. Maybe your airbag failed to open when you got into an accident. Or perhaps your dresser tipped over when the drawers were open and injured your child.

When a product of any kind causes you harm, it's important to know that under the law, you have the right to seek compensation for your pain and suffering. In order to do this, there are steps you should take immediately after your accident:

  1. Get medical help without delay. You need to care for yourself first before worrying about your lawsuit. Having a prompt medical evaluation of your injuries will also help your lawyer understand the extent of your damages.
  2. Contact a product liability attorney. A lawyer who is experienced in winning personal injury cases involving defective products is your best bet for getting comprehensive compensation--not just for your current medical bills, but also for the ways your injury will affect you down the road.
  3. Save the evidence. Keep the product that harmed you in a safe space--ideally in a locked container that only you or your lawyer can access. You want to make sure that the condition of the product is preserved. Never give the product to the manufacturer or anyone affiliated with the product.
  4. Find your receipt. It's important to present proof or purchase for the product that caused you harm. Your lawyer will need this in order to built your case.
  5. Keep records. If you communicated with the party you're suing--either before or after your injury--be sure to save any record of that correspondence and share it with your lawyer. In addition, keep a journal about your recovery and the ways in which your everyday life has been impacted by your injury. This can help your lawyer get you additional damages.

A corporation's carelessness can lead to severe injury and a reduced quality of life. If you have been injured by a defective product, you deserve the maximum possible compensation to get your life back on track. By following the above steps, you increase your odds of winning your case--and getting everything you deserve.

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