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Thomas S. Gaither

Thomas S. Gaither


Thomas S. Gaither joined the firm in 2004. Tom had worked since 1989 for the Southern Pacific/Union Pacific Railroad for 12 years until a career ending back injury in 2000. Eleven of those years was as a locomotive engineer throughout Illinois and Missouri. Prior to his service with the Railroad, Tom was in the U.S. Marine Corps.

He is a current member of the BLET and represented Division 118 for ten years as their Local Chairman. Tom was involved in numerous investigations, claims and merger negotiations. He took his own vacation time to recruit members for the BLET and was involved in the New York Dock Protection.

Tom comes from a railroad family. His father worked for the GM&O as a brakeman and the ICG as a brakeman/conductor until he lost both legs while working for the ICG in Springfield, Illinois in 1973.

Tom’s experience through his own injuries and his father’s injuries gives him a better understanding of the obstacles faced by railroaders injured on the job and their families. Through his experience and knowledge of operating rules and agreements that are applicable to train crews he has been able to assist our clients with their claims and injury reports.

Tom is also proud to be an active Board Member of HOOAH Deer Hunt for Heroes, a non-profit organization devoted to providing soldiers with opportunities for healing through outdoor experiences. Visit https://www.hooahdeerhuntforheroes.com/ for more information.